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Our team.

Our team consists of highly skilled and qualified professionals who enjoy what they do and bring enthusiasm to every project. Through our honest, transparent and collaborative approach, our experts are committed to working with your team to share knowledge and deliver practical and bespoke solutions.


Led by Directors Richard and Carl, the Phidex team continue to grow and evolve while retaining the founding values the business was built on.

Phidex data analytics and consultancy

By delivering both flexible software solutions and consultancy services, we optimise value and help you to adapt and thrive in a changing and competitive energy industry.

Using the latest innovative energy data software, combined with decades of analyst expertise from our industry specialists, we help energy suppliers unravel huge volumes of complex data and provide unrestricted access and analysis transparency to increase efficiency and profitability.

Phidex data analytics and consultancy

Our values, experience and specialist team

Our services are built on the expert analysis of granular detail with trusted accuracy – the key to powering your data, performance and profitability.

About Phidex
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What we value most.

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Trusted and

results driven client partnerships.

Honest, transparent and collaborative knowledge sharing.

Finding hidden detail in complex, large volume data.

Giving clients full access to every level of data.

Investing in our people, growing our expertise.

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Crunching data since 2008.

In 2008, Phidex was established by a group of like-minded professionals from the energy and IT worlds to provide cost-effective solutions to the challenges faced by energy suppliers. Focusing initially on intelligence-led collection services, we were quickly recognised as ‘best in class’ for recoveries and separating phantom debt from actual collectable amounts. In 2011, our consulting division was created with the introduction of data analytics experts, highly experienced in changing how the energy industry approached settlements management and imbalance recoveries. We quickly established standout results for our clients and a reputation for rapidly delivering highly cost-effective, flexible and focused solutions.

A key foundation of our approach is open knowledge sharing and transfer, so our clients enjoy ongoing benefit from our services rather than a short-term fix. We share the outcome of our root cause analysis to propose software and process changes to resolve issues promptly and accurately.

In a market where new entrants are encouraged, Phidex also provides the framework to ensure this journey is clearly mapped to successful launch by providing consultancy, project management and bespoke software solutions. Phidex was integral to the successful market entry and early portfolio growth of a prominent UK power supplier.

In 2012, we were invited by an industry trade body to analyse the complex supporting data for a gas regulatory change with a £100+ million impact on suppliers. Our team identified anomalies in the industry appointed expert’s calculation with an overall impact of £60 million. The work was recognised as instrumental to the methodology adopted for the future.

Phidex has become an energy industry specialist for consultancy and software. The Phidex Pricing Engine and Phidex Flow Manager software are integral in performance optimisation. The software gives clients confidence in their operating model by having all data accurate and accessible.

Phidex founders


Richard Carnall, Operations Director


Richard has been working with energy companies since 1998, pioneering the way energy settlements are managed and has helped clients recover tens of £millions of charge errors. Richard is responsible for client operations and implementing new techniques to extract value from client data.

Carl Bate, Technical Director


Carl is a Law and Finance graduate with a specialist knowledge of the electricity pricing and settlements market. Carl has been integral in the development of our software solutions, providing a transparent and intuitive approach to handling complex data flows.

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