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Security of Supply

The drive to achieve long term security of supply alongside the commitment to a greater contribution from renewables and low carbon sources are not always complimentary to each other.

The drive for one often hinders the drive for another, creating a challenging paradox for the energy market to resolve.

At Phidex we believe setting a foundation based on complete transparency. Built in-house by our systems architect, our suite of highly innovative applications are designed to process all data at the most granular level with flexibility, in order to incorporate the latest upcoming technologies with ease.

As a specialist team of detail-oriented, highly analytical industry experts, we understand the opportunities and challenges modern technology creates. We also understand the vital need for businesses to continue to adapt in this evolving and complex market. In particular, Phidex provides support to our clients, enabling them to develop their portfolio of customers with embedded generation.

If you are interested in developing your portfolio, or improving your complex I&C offerings, then get in touch today:


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