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Let Phidex demolish complex file flows for you!

The energy supply industry is well established, sophisticated, and structured.

The standard file flows are complex with many millions of individual data items which are condensed into a simplified summary for ease of processing. However, aggregated charging means the detail for one specific site is fragmented on the many invoices issued by numerous providers over the lifespan of the supply.

By deconstructing, demolishing, dismantling, and disentangling the file flows and rearranging the granular items, the framework can be used for numerous purposes other than just processing payment! There is value in combined energy and non-commodity views at site or customer level, consumption month level, tax point level, charge type, product class….. the variety of options are entirely tailored to your business needs.

Let Phidex break down these complex file flows for you to enable meaningful analysis, focusing on precision and accuracy.

Speak to Phidex about what you would like to see:


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