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Elevate Your Energy Pricing Strategy with Phidex-PricingEngine (P-PE)

At Phidex, we believe that pricing is the bedrock of your entire customer engagement strategy. When it comes to working with energy data analytics, it's not just about statistics. For energy providers, it's the key distinction between profit and loss, and the foundation for all subsequent analyses.

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Phidex-PricingEngine (P-PE) stands as an unparalleled energy pricing software - a data management system designed to provide unrestricted access to energy pricing data at the utmost granular level. This granular data guarantees unmatched precision, flexibility, transparency, and complete control of each price component. It redefines your approach to energy pricing, cementing unyielding profitability and precision. Let’s delve into compelling reasons that establish this as your ultimate pricing solution.

Empowering Precision, Flexibility, and Control in Energy Pricing Analytics

Unrestricted Granular Data Access: Our dedicated team of energy industry experts and world-class developers have crafted P-PE to grant you unrestricted access to energy data at the most granular level. Say goodbye to complexity and embrace a transparent, data-driven approach to your energy pricing strategy.

Empower Your Pricing Strategy: Tailoring pricing strategies to your unique needs is no longer a challenge. P-PE effortlessly handles bespoke and matrix contracts, adapting to any hybrid combination of fixed and flex product designs. Your pricing strategy, your way.

Precision Pricing at Every Level: Harness the power of unparalleled granularity. P-PE's robust scalability ensures calculations for every price component occur at a half-hourly level, mirroring actual charge methods. Welcome to a world of confident, informed decision-making.

Uncover Essential Data Insights: Navigate the dynamic energy market with confidence. Our disturbance analysis provides a clear window into what could have been and what will be, allowing you to sidestep costly errors and make precise choices.

Quote with Assurance: Bid farewell to uncertainty when generating customer quotes. P-PE empowers you to quote with unwavering confidence, eliminating guesswork from your pricing strategies.

Complete Control & Auditability: Take charge of your pricing destiny. P-PE's flexible decision process ensures absolute control and auditability of all price components, letting you drive your business forward with conviction.

Seamless Software Integration: Powered by cutting-edge Microsoft Stack technology, our pricing platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. Streamline your operations effortlessly and optimise your workflow for optimum success.

Expert Support at Every Step: Embark on this transformative journey with the backing of our energy industry experts and top-tier software developers. We're here to guide you toward pricing excellence, ensuring your success every step of the way.

Ready to integrate our groundbreaking data management software solution, poised to revolutionise your pricing strategy? Reach out to our energy industry experts today and dive deeper into the world of P-PE innovation. Uncover how this transformative pricing tool can reshape your energy supply business, paving the way for limitless growth and prosperity. Embark on your journey to pricing mastery by connecting with us at


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