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Phidex data analytics and consultancy

Light up hidden opportunities with our services

We provide full transparency and control of your financial data – from non-commodity costs to capacity charges. We work with data at settlement period level for optimum precision.

Phidex services
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Phidex Consultancy Services

Our experienced specialists resolve your day-to-day challenges to deliver your performance goals.


Fully visualise gas and power settlements to recover £millions of overcharged energy costs, provide warnings for unexpected costs and prevent error reoccurrence.

Non-Commodity & Portfolio Assurance

Validate non-commodity costs and manage third party service providers to ensure accurate, transparent and error free charges.

Reporting and P&L

Deliver full financial cost stack analysis for all Industry and customer supply charges, presented by Phidex experts to the heart of your business.

Embedded Generation Portfolio

Linking gas and power data and processes to deliver transparency and actual costs benefits in the innovative and evolving embedded generation market.

At a glance

A select team of specialists.


Transfer knowledge to your teams with full transparency.


Granular reporting for your performance optimisation and external audit.


£millions in settlements recoveries and revenue leakage prevention.

Phidex Pricing Engine: P-PE

The market leading pricing application which facilitates both bespoke and matrix contracts for any hybrid combination of fixed and flex product design.

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• Profitability report to compare contracted prices against industry costs.

• Disturbance Analysis to measure forecast against current costs.

• Performance report measuring productivity and attrition.


• Empower unlimited users.

• Prepare offers to maximise the offer window.

• Refresh and clone offers with ease.


• Create the product you want to offer.

• Create bespoke offers and matrix price books.

• Customise to fix or pass through each charge element.


• The application provides complete control and auditability of all price components through a flexible decision process.

• Measure who, what, why and when.

At a glance

Fully supported by our Industry experts and world class developers.


Calculate every charge with maximum granularity.


Create the product you want to offer.


Meet quoting requirements in your pricing window with auditable confidence.

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Phidex Flow Manager: P-FM

Your connection to all industry flows and internal data, converting billions of data items into one location with unrestricted access.

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Built upon Microsoft technology, integration with your other systems couldn’t be easier or more flexible and our team of industry experts are on hand to support you with anything you need.


Web based user interface with highly flexible, role-based security.


Our Flow Manager software efficiently manages complex data, cataloguing and making available all industry data flows for registrations, metering, reads and settlements.


Our software developers are able to create import routines for any additional internal data reports, irrespective of its source structure.

At a glance

Fully supported by our Industry experts and world class developers.


Process all gas and power industry flows.


Configure custom data imports for billing, non commodity and other datasets.


Unrestricted access to data at its most granular level.

Pricing Engine
Flow Manager
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