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Powering data for energy industry suppliers

Optimising energy suppliers’ performance through data analytics and energy consultancy.

Phidex data analytics and consultancy
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Phidex data analytics software provide access to energy data at its most granular detail.

Our Phidex developed software works in tune with our specialist consultants to increase profitability and intelligence across supplier portfolios.

Our experts work with your team to optimise the value of every supply contract.

We work to optimise energy forecasts, UK metering management, energy balancing, pricing and registrations, settlements and financial reporting.

Is your pricing solution flexible and controllable?

Phidex believes that pricing is the foundation to your entire customer engagement.


The Phidex Pricing Engine software is centred around intelligence, scalability, flexibility and control. Its unique structure provides full transparency on your energy cost stack with performance speed to exceed expectations in your pricing window. It manages the most complex products whilst delivering clear management insights before, during and after the contract period.

Light up opportunities hidden in your data.

The Phidex Flow Manager software processes all industry flows and internal data. It loads billions of individual data items across multi-utilities and numerous sources to a single database with unrestricted access.


The secure data repository created is the foundation for all Phidex data processing functions; pricing, registrations, metering, financial reporting and settlements.  Phidex build a reporting layer around your needs to ensure you are no longer in the dark.

Create your dream team to unlock true potential.

Phidex consultants come with years of experience and the technical ability to provide solutions. Combine this expertise with your own personal understanding of your business’s challenges to create a partnership to out-compete the best.


Phidex work collaboratively with our clients to share know-how and deliver solutions to improve capabilities and performance across all pricing, operations and finance functions.

Phidex data analytics and consultancy

A word from our valued clients.

SEFE Energy Limited

Saul Templar | Head of Finance

Having been a client of Phidex for over ten years, we have only positive things to say. Over time, the team at Phidex have become an extension of our internal Finance Team and we have developed an extremely collaborative relationship. Year after year, the financial benefits that Phidex bring to our business continue to far outweigh the costs of their support. I therefore wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.

Corona Energy

Krishna Sivasamy | Financial Controller

Corona Energy use Phidex Flow Manager to deliver trusted financial reports and effective settlements management across our gas and power portfolio.

UK Energy Supplier

Settlements Lead

After processing gigabites of gas and electricity settlements and customer data Phidex delivered a detailed report of the imbalance on the entire portfolio. Working collaboratively Phidex helped us understanding the opportunities in the data, identified the key issues and provided recommendations to improve future imbalances. The output was professionally presented, high quality and at reasonable cost.

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We thrive on detail.

1,000S OF MPANs

priced per day with an average speed of 3 seconds per MPAN for complex I&C products.

of data

items processed per month by Phidex Flow Manager (P-FM).


combined by founding directors Richard and Carl on working with energy companies.

£ millions

in industry recoveries for I&C suppliers regularly hit with settlement management activities.

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Profitability is a matter of very fine margins.

To achieve your maximum contract value, Phidex provide accuracy and transparency in everything you need. From the foundation of an auditable Pricing Engine to accurate and transparent financial reporting of actual energy and all non-commodity cost through our Flow Manager.


Phidex has been powering data for clients for over ten years.

You're in good company.

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